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Air-Water Heat Pumps Burgas

Air-Water Heat Pumps Burgas

Air-Water Heat Pumps Burgas

With its new Air - Water heat pumps Ecodan, Mitsubishi Electric offers you a completely new and economical solution for heating and cooling your home or for the production of domestic hot water for your household. 

New generation economical environmentally-friendly system for heating and cooling. Mitsubishi Electric's Ecodan heat pump system is highly efficient, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly.

The Ecodan heat pump system consists of the following components: an outdoor unit, indoor unit - Cylinder unit or Hydrobox, and control module. 

Air-to-water heat pump systems Burgas

The secret of Ecodan's impressive efficiency is in capturing heat from the atmosphere. Heat pumps use electricity and heat from the outside air to heat a refrigerant, which in turn transfers this heat to the home's heating system and to the domestic hot water boiler.

The Ecodan control system plays an important role in achieving the desired comfort.

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